Manufacturing inventory & purchasing

Automated management

of spare parts and stock items

Spare parts and other stock items are very often in the plant stock owned by the plant operator, but managed and purchased by the maintenance operator. Everyday life is a game of ping-pong between systems. With quantBridge, that ping-pong can be transferred to an automated system. Daily functionalities like purchasing, adding, transferring or receiving stock items with real-time analytics support the true partnership. Maintenance can do magic in their own system, and the plant stock updates in real-time on the customer side.

Inventory management

with quantBridge

Inventory management is handled sharing data like:

  • • Item stock level
  • • Item details
  • • Issue to work order functions
  • • Added or returned items

Data can be received or sent from the Quant CMMS to the customer system with REST APIs or backchannel functions.

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