Unlock the power of data collaboration in a maintenance partnership: quantBridge

Improve operations with

secure system integration

With quantBridge, we enable our customers to achieve the highest level of efficiency in their daily operations. Integrating the customer’s maintenance system with ours, we can provide customized data-driven maintenance services, supporting our customers to improve plant productivity, overall equipment efficiency (OEE), and technical availability.

Our quantBridge developer portal enables an easy and secure integration. The platform is scalable and has high adaptability to the specific needs of each customer. You retain ownership of your data, while unlocking full access to our extensive experience of maintenance management and execution. We provide data-driven, automated maintenance services, laying the foundation for a strong and successful partnership.

Data-driven maintenance with quantBridge

Master data

– Secure management of master data

– Easily share your valuable assets

– Retain full ownership of data

Service request

& work orders

– Real-time data flow for full transparency

– Crucial for the daily operations

Inventory & purchasing

– Real-time data ensures correct stock levels and values

– Leave your purchasing and PO management in our hands while focusing on your core business

Customer adaptions

– quantBridge has high adaptability between known CMMS and ERP systems

– Integration done adapting to your unique situation

Key benefits with quantBridge


Through the exchange of maintenance data, we can provide automated services regarding, for example, KPI monitoring and inventory transactions.

High adaptability

With integration being possible regardless of your system, our developer portal is highly adaptable to meet every customer’s specific needs.​


Shared operational data enables high transparency in our common operations, laying the foundation for joint success.​


Through automatic exchange of data, easily distributed and shared, we can ensure high efficiency in our common operations.

High security

With our customers retaining the ownership of their data, they remain in charge of their valuable master data.

Accurate analyses

Data-driven maintenance services with quantBridge providing relevant insights for decision making.

Explore the quantBridge integrations

With our developer portal being able to integrate any maintenance management system, there is no need to change systems or transfer sensitive master data. Our customer-centric approach enables an adaptable, scalable solution tailored to each unique customer situation.

Would you like to have a sneak peek at the capabilities we offer without the need to sign up? Visit our developer portal!

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