Zero accidents while increasing OEE and reducing costs


Improve availability

and cost reduction

The customer is a worldwide industrial and automotive lubricant oil and grease producer. The mill has a capacity of 14 million liters per month for lube oil and 450 tons per month for greases.

The primary customer targets for maintenance were zero accidents, improved availability for filling and grease production lines, and reduced overall plant production costs. In addition that, compliance with GQS, IATF and SMBR standards and audits.

Results achieved

Zero accidents and

improved plant performance

During the 26 years of the contract, Quant had no accidents on the site. Asset availability was substantially improved over the years, where we reduced the monthly average downtime of the filling area by 31 percent and of the grease area by 72 percent, making an essential contribution to the Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) improvement over the years.

Remarkably, the total maintenance cost did not increase over the period, despite investments in a safety management system, implementation of an operational management system and transformation of culture.  All in all, Quant has improved the overall plant performance while at the same time reducing the total maintenance cost (TMC) over the first five years of the contract.

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