February 15, 2022

Reducing downtime and unplanned shutdowns with quantPredict

In 2020, Quant Finland started a project to digitalize several sites in which sensors connected to the cloud-based monitoring system quantPredict were installed. Significant improvements can already be seen after being able to reduce the number of breakdowns and unplanned shutdowns, saving valuable time for the production.

At several sites in Finland, sensors have been installed in crucial production equipment and connected to quantPredict. This cloud-based condition monitoring system collects data and automatically sends the information to the maintenance system and notifies the maintenance personnel if action is required. The combined sensors measure several important parameters, giving the Quant maintenance team valuable insights into the health and status of the production equipment.

– With this cloud-based monitoring system, we are avoiding damages to the equipment and are also able to do most of the necessary work during the planned production downtime, says Janne Toivanen, Area Director at Quant Finland.

Saving valuable time for the production

Being able to plan the work, and take necessary action before any machine breakdown, has significantly improved the way of working, as well as saved valuable time for the production.

– After installing these sensors, Janne and his team have been able to detect breakdowns before they happen, making it possible to perform maintenance work on the machines during planned shutdowns and in a controlled manner, says Peter Szalma, Quant Group Development Manager.

– Based on sensor data, we have seen indications of asset deterioration in quantPredict. In one case, this saved unplanned shutdown hours, and, in another case, we saved even days for the unplanned production shutdown. So it is evident that there are significant benefits with this way of working.

quantPredict is one of the products available in Quant’s digital toolbox, enabling the prediction and prevention of production failures. Various types of sensors and sensor manufacturers are supported, and it is possible to set alarm limits for multiple machine health parameters, enabling a modern and effective maintenance approach.

Reducing the number of breakdowns and unplanned shutdowns

Getting started with using quantPredict is easy. The system is wireless and simple to install and set up. In Finland, the feedback from the customer has been good. This way of working not only increases the level of safety and prolongs the lifetime of the machines, but also contributes to saving important production time.

– This reduces the number of breakdowns and unplanned shutdowns. When we can perform maintenance in a planned manner, downtime is reduced and can be scheduled to minimize the impact on the production, Janne says.

One of the keys to the success is the close collaboration with the customer. With a common will to develop the maintenance function, we have developed a joint plan for improving maintenance on sites even further.

– Being able to invest in this project and cover all the critical machines with sensors, it has really changed the way we do maintenance. Janne and his team are really making use of the data collected, and the way of working and the results coming from that show great improvements compared to only a year ago, Peter says.

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