May 6, 2021

Reaching milestones in a safe way together with our customer

The Emirates Float Glass (EFG) site in United Arab Emirates has been in operation for more than twelve years. In July 2017, Quant took over the maintenance function and since then we have supported a highly successful plant operation, with growing plant performance, and with the highest safety standards.

The Quant team is always working carefully and professionally, including meticulous planning with safety always as the top priority. The team strives to be best in class in everything it does, including in safety.

Among the notable achievements during the Quant-EFG partnership is the rollers replacement project. Given the nature of the process it is mandatory to perform this project without shutting down the machines. We executed the replacement of 125 steel rollers, including rollers in high temperature zones, without stopping operations. The project was a very important success, and we are proud of our achievement. An estimated 3,000 man-hours working on a rotating device without a single safety incident is a breakthrough for the glass manufacturing industry, and confirmed our client’s confidence in our ability to perform any and all job in a professional and safe manner.

Working safely and professionally at all times

Another milestone was the Lehr drive gear box replacement. This was the first replacement ever during the entire plant operation and had never been done even prior to Quant coming to site. This is a massive success in operation because of its unique approach in changing the drive shaft and gear box while the line was running. The equipment manufacturer had declined to do this job, so the Quant team was asked to do it and we took on the challenge. We are proud to say that we succeeded, the key being training, brainstorming, planning, and simulations of the activities before creating the actual plan. All strategies and procedures were scrutinized, hazards identified, and eliminated accordingly. This success further contributed to the trust and confidence from our customer that Quant has the capability of bringing value to its operation, assuring that in all aspects we have the capability of doing things right, in a professional and safe manner.

Conclusions:  Complex projects can be executed professionally and safely, by proper training, planning, skills, and mindset!

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