September 10, 2021

Quant Sweden receives Community Initiative of the Year Award

During the pandemic, Quant Sweden has cooperated with the organization Unika Ludvika to support those in need. For this work, we have now received the Community Initiative of the Year Award!

During the covid crisis, the organization Unika Ludvika has bought and delivered food and other supplies to people in risk groups. To help, Quant employees have done volunteer work for the organization, answering phone calls and administrating requests from people who needed help. The Quant site in Ludvika, Sweden, also lent one of their cars to facilitate the delivery work.

“An amazing and generous cooperation”

Now, Unika Ludvika has awarded Quant Sweden with the Community Initiative of the Year Award.

“For an amazing and generous cooperation”, it says in the nomination.

“A community effort that has meant a lot to many people during the corona pandemic.”

Terese Riddar, Quant HR manager for Europe & Middle East:

– We are very proud to receive this award. This project has been a joint effort with many people dedicating their time to support our community in a difficult time, and I am proud of our employees who have contributed to this project being such a success.

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