November 2, 2022

Quant is positioned among the leaders of integral maintenance in different industries

Quant’s leadership has been recognized by the Phibrand Ranking of Mining Suppliers, which this year nominated us in the comprehensive plant maintenance category.

For more than 30 years Quant has been dedicated to maintaining asset management in more than 400 facilities around the world, and with a presence in almost every industry. But it has not only been the quality of service and professionalism that has generated this recognition in the mining market. At the core of its value proposition is improving safety, creating organizational equity, driving plant performance, and aligning costs.

“The approach is to see the maintenance function as a profit, and not as a cost center. In addition, we have been able to keep pace with the times and incorporate digital tools, all of which has made a difference in our offer,” explains Maximiliano Aqueveque, VP Regional Americas.

“Quant has a very good sales portfolio”

Quant’s experience in different industries has allowed it to integrate the best practices of each of them and adapt them to its model. In addition, all offices and contracts in the Americas region recently achieved Integrated Management System certification in accordance with international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. These certifications certify that the company complies with current regulations and is also a hallmark of quality in the market.

Quant has a very good sales portfolio in the Americas, which allows us to forecast that it will continue to grow in the region. Existing customers have been joined by new contracts in Brazil, Chile and Peru, covering a variety of areas such as mining, pulp and paper, and the fishing industry.

“The Quant model”

“The Quant model is solid, aligns all our processes and is a guarantee of a job well done in any industry and place in the world. Quant has been able to meet the needs of both customers and employees, as can be seen in the strong development that has taken place in recent years in terms of both customer and employee satisfaction,” explains Maximiliano Aqueveque, VP Regional Americas.

“The current times demand the commitment of companies to work sustainably, avoiding harm to our employees, customers, contractors, local communities and the environment.  The Phibrand recognition encourages us to continue improving to be the best ally in asset management maintenance worldwide,” concludes Aqueveque.

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