August 11, 2021

Quant Americas sign a contract with Gala Group North America

Quant Americas has signed a new contract with Gala Group North America, one of the world’s leading and fastest-growing manufacturers of candles, home scents and home decor, with around 5,000 employees and production sites in Europe, North America and India.

The contract is operative from August 9th, 2021 – July 8th, 2024, and Quant will have a team providing production and facilities equipment maintenance and reliability services. Quant will be also in charge of the third party maintenance services management, and maintenance and repair parts storeroom management.

“Customer growth, production constraints, and maintenance not being the customer’s core competency identified Quant as an ideal partner for Gala NA. At the same time, Gala needed a partner who can develop the systems, tools, and processes Quant can deliver in our turnkey solutions quick enough”, says Michael Belgiorno, Business Development Manager in USA.

“Choosing Quant to outsource our maintenance for GALA NA supports our strategy for increased productivity and positions us for continued growth as a leading producer of candle and scent products in the U.S. We face increasing demand and cost competitiveness for our operations to run with lower downtime and as efficiently as possible. Quant brings the processes, systems and management expertise to take us to the next level.”, explains Gino Biondi, President & CEO GALA North America.

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