September 11, 2020

2500 days without accidents

Attention to occupational safety is about caring. You can ensure a safe working environment not only for yourself, but also for your co-worker. In July, a great result was achieved in Mikkeli, Finland, when 2,500 days without accidents were reached. This result reflects the long-term work and commitment of all personnel to improve the level of safety on site.

Mölnlycke Health Care’s production plant employs 30 Quant personnel with a strong safety approach. An uncompromising safety culture is an important part of Quant Mikkeli’s high-standard maintenance operations and development work. Audits are also carried out regularly together with the customer.

Safety issues related to work and the working environment are actively observed on site. Also, development targets and detected deviations are reported immediately, and safety-related work orders are completed with a quick response time.

The level of occupational safety indicates true caring

Continuous improvements, learning, development and especially the commitment to safety-oriented thinking are key to building a safe work environment. Over the years, evidence have become clear that safety is directly linked to increased productivity, reliability, and efficiency.

Mölnlycke Health Care’s Mikkeli Production Plant’s Production Manager Rami Paajanen comments the joint achievement:

– Our partner Quant has reached a fantastic milestone, 2500 days without accidents. The achievement is a great demonstration of a strong safety culture and caring for each other. When everybody’s starting point is to really care, all accidents are avoidable.

– Caring means that the entire work community pays attention to occupational safety and that each employee takes action to ensure that they, as well as their co-workers, will carry out their work safely. Risks are not taken, and people go home healthy after the working day.

– Quant’s site in Mikkeli have succeeded in this. The 2,500 days also show that operations have been continuously developed and maintained for years. I would like to congratulate the entire maintenance personnel on this great achievement and I believe that in the future, with good cooperation and sharing of best practices, we will be able to raise the safety of the entire plant to a world-class level, Paajanen adds.


The result of a long cooperation

Quant and Mölnlycke Health Care started their partnership in 2014. Since then, safety has been an important value and a common goal and is constantly being improved.

– Development is never one-sided; it always requires two parties. For the rest of the year, we have raised the bar by for example increasing the number of risk assessments and safety observations, says Quant’s site safety development officer Karmo Pajo.

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