Greenfield Maintenance Partnership

For a safe, efficient and

sustainable plant

When planning to build a new plant, or expanding an existing production plant, ​Quant can provide support in defining, establishing, and implementing a state-of-the-art maintenance function, in order to ensure full leverage of the capital invested.​

Quant supports the client from engineering and installation, through commissioning and warranty period, and finally during full commercial operation.

A clear maintenance strategy

ensuring efficiency

Any company aiming for fast production ramp-up of a new plant, a sustainable production and continuous improvements, needs to have a clear maintenance strategy with well-defined maintenance practices, based on know-how and embedded technology, in order to successfully operate a new production plant.  

With Quant involved in the project already from an early stage, we have the ability to ensure safety, reliability, availability, and maintainability of the new plant, thus facilitating sustainable production, an improving “dollar/output” ratio, and an optimized asset life cycle cost (LCC). The earlier the maintenance function is involved in a greenfield or re-investment project the better!

Effective support

right from day one

Our team gradually ramp-up the maintenance organization throughout the project so that when production starts, all team members are fully prepared. The team will develop and ensure that processes are established and support systems are up and running when they are needed.

The Quant team will participate in installation supervision, cold & hot commissioning, and startup and production trials;  thus providing efficient and effective support from day one. Through participation in the project from the start, the maintenance strategy (including PM plans, CBM approach, operator maintenance approach, etc.) will be systematically developed and then improved based on feedback already from start-up and production trials.

Design and concept development

Quant’s maintenance professionals know how to analyze and take into account all maintenance aspects during the design phase a new plant, facilitating a safe, maintainable, reliable and cost efficient plant, and a fast production ramp-up.

This includes health and safety, maintenance processes and systems, team hiring and training, technical content management, warranty management, and spare parts management.  These (and other) aspects should be considered early in a greenfield project in order to set the stage for successful results.

Installation and commissioning

During these stages of the project, Quant will gradually ramp-up the maintenance organization, provide necessary training, and also actively participate in the project, so that the core team members get acquainted with, and training on, the actual equipment.  Moreover, this is also an opportunity to ensure system and processes are set up properly, as well as to create the first set of PMs and PdMs. 

By being prepared from day one, the maintenance function will in this way be able to support a faster commissioning and production ramp-up phase, i.e. time to full production will be shortened and subsequent commercial production levels will stable, resulting in optimized ROI.

Total Maintenance Partnership

Together for success.  With Quant’s greenfield approach, the startup of a new plant will be smooth and fast.  Equally important, by partnering with the customer early on in the process, Quant will develop the maintenance function and the maintenance strategies, perfectly aligned with the customer’s goals and objectives, including safety, total maintenance cost, stable and improving plant performance, and extension of life.

With Quant as the maintenance partner, the customer will optimize bottom-line, life-cycle costs, and ROI, in a safe and sustainable way.

Benefits of a maintenance partnership

Life cycle cost optimization

Up to 80% of costs are determined before commissioning starts. Millions of euro of indirect/direct costs could be saved by early involvement of maintenance.

RAMS centered approach

Reliability, availability, maintainability and safety in focus from the start will cater for productivity and efficiency in operations phase.

Investment optimization

Life cycle management focus combined with digital analysis and simulation provides options for investment strategy and deployment.

Warranty management

Client could focus on ramp up of production while getting independent support in managing warranty claims vs various OEM:s.


A partner with over 30 years of experience from development and implementation of maintenance organizations and processes in Greenfield projects.

Extended lifetime

Right maintenance strategy and execution will cater for extension of asset lifetime.

Independent partner

Focus on client value and cost as a trusted partner with no ambition to make extra earnings through adjacent services nor spare part price.

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The importance of having

a maintenance strategy

The phase when you engage maintenance experts in the projects plays a significant role. When a new plant and its equipment are engineered, installed, commissioned, and started up with proper focus on reliability, availability, maintainability and safety, you can achieve a shorter project timeline and faster production ramp-up in the near term, as well as safe, stable and sustainable production in the long term.

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