Digital solutions for industrial maintenance

Digital tools for outstanding

plant performance

Digitalization is a key differentiator between outsourced and in-house industrial maintenance. The underlying technology is developing very fast, making in-house development challenging.

Quant has the capability to identify, integrate, and apply new technology and solutions, in an agile and cost-efficient manner. Having a distinct and developed digital portfolio creates value for both our customers and for Quant.

We are focused on developing our current digital toolbox to expand into analytics and artificial intelligence. Our goal is to maintain our position at the forefront of digital technology for industrial services.


digital toolbox

Measure and maximize OEE: quantEffect

• Accurate and automatic measurement of OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)

• Cloud based solution with user friendly interfaces, including on your mobile

• Scalable from a single machine up to multi-site production plants

• All industries supported

• Easy and quick implementation

Predict and prevent failures: quantPredict

• Cloud based condition monitoring system

•  Supports various sensor manufacturers

•  Supports various sensor types (vibration, pressure, temperature, current)

•  Alarm limits for multiple machine health parameters

•  Automatic email notification

•  Automatic notifications to various maintenance (CMMS) systems

•  Running time-based maintenance support

Maintenance management system: quantWorx

• Improved operational efficiency

• Decreased administration activities

• Extended interface towards operations

• Improved data management quality

• Convergence of information on a single support

• Transparency increased

• Opportunity to detect and highlight potentialities and new opportunities

Boost safety & sustainability: quantShield

• Empowers the safety culture

• Gives instant information around safety hazards

• Simplifies continuous improvement and knowledge sharing

• Increased transparency and performance management

Customized site dashboard: quantNumbers

• In-depth analysis of operational and business data

• Can be delivered to customers own Business Intelligence system or viewed through Quants selected software

• Complete key performance indicator management

Safe and flexible inspections: quantDrone

• Visual and thermal inspection of various structures

• Early detection of structural issues (structural integrity, corrosion, etc)

• Improved asset reliability (e.g., filters), controlled function deterioration

• Improved safety

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